Unexpected Family-Friendly Spaces

With most small families, every member has their own room to call "home". As a result, the living room, which is a typical common space in the home, is now rarely utilised. So how do you create spaces that are family friendly? We look at three rooms in the home that draw the family together.


Zidane Design Balcony

The balcony is a good gathering point. The view and the breeze are reasons why everyone loves to hang out there. Ensure that this space is comfortable — seats, a side table for drinks, lighting for reading.



Fuse Concept Kitchen

Some people say that the kitchen is a dangerous place for children. However, with careful supervision, the kitchen can be a place of fun and adventure, many teaching opportunities. From preparing snacks for tea, to dinner, children can help out in the kitchen and learn practical tasks. Set up a high chair by the kitchen island so your little one can watch you as you prepare!



Make Room children's area

Instead of watching television together, create a space where both young and old can gather together. This picnic bench serves as a good reading spot or a study desk for school-going children. Also, the adults can sit by the side to keep an eye the toddlers, who are on the floor with their toys!