Updated guide to renovation costs in Singapore

If you're wondering just how much your home renovation will cost, refer to this breakdown of basic renovation costs. Knowing how much things cost will help you determine your priorities, should you be on a tight budget.

renovation costs singapore
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As a guide, statistics show that the total cost of renovation is about 15-20% of the cost of the property. 

So for example, using quality materials and finishing, excluding furniture and fittings:
The renovation of a new three-room BTO flat costs at least, while that of a resale three-room flat costs at least $80,000.
The renovation of a new four-room BTO flat costs at least $70,000, while that of a resale four-room flat costs at least $120,000.
The renovation of a new five-room BTO flat costs at least $90,000, while that of a resale five-room flat costs at least $150,000.

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