Use bookcases as room dividers - just like this Parisian flat!


WHAT: A Parisian flat, designed for a family of four by h2o architectes.

WHERE: Paris, France

WHY WE LOVE IT: We've said it before: bookcases (or shelves, in general) make great partitions. They provide storage space and a platform for personalisation. This flat was designed to include five bookcases, big and small, which separate three living spaces. It also cleverly incorporated the apartment's sloped roofline into the design.

Light wood and white are a classic combination, used here for both walls and floor - in a quirky layout too! We love the angled side of these built-in bookcases, and how colours from the books and displays personalise the space.

According to Design Milk, each of the three spaces is separated based on its function and they all face a different orientation – East, West, or South.

The kitchen is fuss-free and minimalist.

Keeping to the white and wood theme, a tan leather one-seater is placed near the window. Natural light is the best light for reading!

Although the flat might seem plainly decorated at first - like the all-white look for the kitchen and bathroom - the family is actually not afraid to inject some colour into their home! Lime green and orange are hues that most would be nervous about, but they fit perfectly here.

Photos by Stephane Chalmeau.