Vacuum Cleaners: Can they be slim, smart & stylish?

Yes! Here are five cleaning gadgets that make you look cool, even while cleaning...

Kadeka KCVac Cleaner 10

Despite only weighing 1.27kg, the Kadeka KCVac Cleaner 108 packs enough cleaning power to eliminate over 90 per cent of airborne pollutants and allergens. This cordless machine can be used as a handheld vacuum in the car and for small areas, or as a regular upright vacuum.


Electrolux Ergoapido

Doubling up as both a handheld and stick vacuum cleaner, the Electrolux Ergoapido (ZB2933 or ZB2934 model, $199; ZB2943 model, $249) comes in stylish colours like Aqua Blue and Olive Green! Constantly clearing hair and fur? This machine has a blade within its vacuum head that cuts entwined hair and fur into small pieces and sucks them into a dust cup. LED headlights illuminate your cleaning path so you can tell if you've missed a spot. 


Philips Home & Car MiniVac FC6149

Made for the home and the car, the Philips MiniVac FC6149 ($199) with its bagless airflow technology ensures optimal, high-suction power and superior dust pick-up. Its accessories include brushes, a long hose tube, and small and large crevice tools to access hard-to-reach areas. It even comes with its own storage bag!


LG Hom-Bot 

Handsfree cleaning is made possible with robot vacuum cleaners! LG's Hom-Bot has ultrasonic sensors that identify obstacles so it wouldn't bump into your furniture. Choose the zigzag mode for large areas with few obstacles, or the cell-by-cell mode for complicated areas with obstacles. The scheduling function enables you to decide when you'd like it to have it make its rounds as it can be conveinently configured wirelessly via an Andrioid or iOS too!


Samsung Navibot S

The Samsung Navibot S uses an onboard camera and advanced sensors to create a virtual map of your house and plots a quick and safe route. Thanks to its slim frame and dust sensors, this robot is able to access hard-to-reach areas like under beds and sofas, picking up fine particles like crumbs, pet fur and dust. It also has a scheduling function, and the machine will automatically return to its docking station when it needs to be recharged. It even empties itself into a central dust chamber when its full!


These products are available at major electrical and department stores.