What to do if you're short of indented tiles

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My contractor broke some of the tiles I indented for my renovation. We now need five more to finish the job, but I don't want to pay extra to air-freight in such a small quantity. Is there a solution?

It is every homeowner's nightmare to run short of a speciality material such as flooring or a component of some designer furnishings. It's very expensive to have small quantities flown in, yet any substitute used will be more of an eyesore. There's no guarantee the missing item will arrive within your deadline, either.

As your tiles aren't completely laid yet, do some creative thinking and see where you can use another tile design without affecting the overall design. For instance, you might do a tile border in a contrasting or a neutral hue at one side of the room. This would work well at a natural transition point such as the entrance to the kitchen.

You can get even more creative and lay your contrast border in a different material altogether — consider wide-width wooden planks (many laminates ranges offer great textures), stainless steel grids or even polished cement, depending on the decor theme of your home.

More ideas for mixing and matching tiles and other materials here:


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