Where and where not to place mirrors in your home!

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A strategically placed mirror can do wonders to enhance a space, but a mirror in the wrong place can kill the look of your decor.

For dark and narrow hallways or corridors, a large mirror along one wall, or a tall mirror at the end of a long space, opens up the confined area considerably. They can also be used to reflect light into a darker space.

You can create a focal point at the corner of two walls, such as 
in your wardrobe area, with a tall mirror. A more casual and modern way to display a tall mirror is to simply lean it against the wall.
 In the living area, use mirrors on one wall to reflect decor items such as your dining room’s pendant lights, a piece of art, or even a nice view. Don’t use them to reflect unflattering images such as messy or awkward spaces. Framing a mirror in
the same way you’d frame an artwork gives it more presence.

Now for the don’ts. Don’t place two mirrors opposite each other; this will only create a confusing space. You can also follow the fengshui rule of not placing a mirror where you will catch your reflection when you wake up. Lastly, avoid placing a mirror on the ceiling.