Where to donate your unwanted goods

(image: Scary Mommy)

Your trash is someone else's treasure. Apart from selling your items on Carousell or Gumtree, you can also drop off your items at places such as Salvation Army, which helps low-income families, or Blessings in a Bag, which supports rural communities around Southeast Asia. Both have drop-off locations around Singapore.

For larger items, such as broken furniture, appliances or piles of paper and junk, call Junk to Clear for help. You'll have to pay a small fee, but it will dispose of your items in a responsible and eco-friendly way. You can also donate unwanted items directly to someone in need. Pass It On is a non-profit project that posts a wish list of items by the needy. Check it out, you may have just what someone needs.

Don't forget the karang guni (rag-and-bone) men. They drive around neighbourhoods in Singapore collecting newspapers and unwanted goods. You may even get a little money for some of the better items.

For items that don't work anymore, and that you can't give away: try recycling. The raw materials can be used to create new things. You can find a list of collectors and traders for your e-waste, paper, metal, glass and other materials at the National Environment Agency's website. Check out its page on energy and waste.

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Tip: The next time you buy something for your home, make sure you are making a long term choice. Don't add to Singapore's waste problem - by 2030, our trash is expected to increase to unmanageable levels. We are running out of space!

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