Where to Find Decorative Art Prints and Posters by Singaporean Artists

Looking for affordable art pieces and posters to fill your bare walls? You won't have to venture too far from home as all seven works of art featured here were done by Singaporean artists. This collection features their interpretation and expression of "home". Go to their individual sites for more info about them and their works!

“This print is inspired from an earlier poster I designed for a garden party event. I think the spirit of a home should be just like a backyard party – where everyone is relaxed and having a good time drinking, eating and just chilling out with family, friends and pets.”
By: Soh Ee Shaun of Gardensilly


“Restored shophouses here have a mix of traditional and modern elements, which is why I think they’re representative of Singapore’s ‘rojak’ culture. Here, I’ve created the silhouettes of shophouses with the papercutting technique, and then scanned them digitally to reproduce the artwork as prints.”
By: Beatrice Ng


“The inspiration for this piece is Singapore, the city I consider home. As our country prides itself on being a ‘City in a Garden’, I have surrounded the word ‘home’ with fl orals to portray this. The illustration is a combination of hand-drawn line work using ink on paper, and then digitally coloured."
By: Anchalee Temphairojana of Kai Prints


“The word ‘home’ evokes a cosiness that comes from sharing a space with our families. We also like to include animals in our work – it’s a little twee, but we like the storybook convention of animals that speak, think and act like humans. So, here’s Mr Fox at the end of a typical day, going home to dinner with his wife and pups.”
By: Tau & Upsilon


“Home is where we feel most comfortable. While our homes may vary in size and location, they are all on planet Earth. That’s why I decided to call this piece ‘Planet Home’. As an artist, I hope my works find their way into as many homes as possible. Then I can say, ‘Home is where my art is!’”
By: Wanton Doodle


“This piece is a fusion of modern and vintage elements – a contradiction that is at the core of the ‘hipster’ culture. It’s just my humble take on the design-focused lifestyle that many Singaporeans today aspire to have!”
By: John Lim


“Home isn’t a place – it’s a feeling! We love this quote (yes, we’re big balls of cheese) and it has inspired us to create something that would instantly liven up any dull wall or room. We like to think that this print is true to Ozzy & Lulu’s design aesthetic – quirky, colourful, and absolutely full of heart.”
By: Ozzy & Lulu


“A home comprises so many elements and details, so I express it by using geometric shapes that all fit nicely together to form a ‘home’. As I’m a fan of Scandinavian interiors, I decided to play around with the muted colours commonly used in Nordic designs.”
By: Mondays Off

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