Why window blinds are not just for the office...

If you're shopping around for curtains, drapery and other window treatments, don't dismiss the humble window blind. Common to many office spaces, homeowners tend think that blinds are boring and more functional (think flimsy aluminium Venetian blinds), rather than decorative. However, thanks to design upgrades and more material choices, we found that more and more homeowners are turning to blinds to dress their windows. Here are our picks!

To complement and add interest to this modern-rustic living room, the homeowners went with these black-and-white bamboo blinds!
(Interior design by Versaform)

Instead of curtains, which could overwhelm the matchbox-sized master bedroom, blinds are used for a lighter, breezier touch.

(Interior design by Space Matters)


Blinds make a room feel cold? Not this fabric Venetian blind as the neutral colour allows just the right amount of light into the room!

(Interior design by Studio Arc)


Blinds are perfect for masculine rooms as drapery tend to give the room a soft, elegant feel. Yes, even your teenage son would approve.

(Interior design by Project File)


With many fabric choices available, you can pick one that best defines the occupant of the room. Almost anything goes!

(Interior design by KZ Designs)


Blinds that can be tucked away are perfect for homeowners who want a neat and minimalist look to their room.

(Interior design by Design Intervention)


Instead of going with wallpaper or wall decals, turn to Venetian blinds with prints to dress up a kids room. They can be changed out easily too!

(Interior design by IPO Design)


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