Why you should keep cool with a fan instead

Black KDK Fan

Black fan by KDK

To keep cool in Singapore, air-conditioners have been favoured for their fast and effective cooling power. However, factors such as higher electricity bills and the adverse environmental impact of its use has caused many homeowners to switch to using fans. We share four key factors on why the fan is still a effective and efficient option to cool down a room.


+ Fans consume less energy and are therefore cheaper to run – running a fan can save you more than $55* a month on electricity charges.

+ The cost of buying and installing a fan (including wall, ceiling or standing versions) is lower than buying an air-conditioner unit.

+ They can be cleaned easily and require less professional servicing and repair.

+ The breeze from a fan can be targeted where it’s needed, cooling specific areas in a space, reducing energy costs.


+ Fans create air currents that result in a cooling effect, hence the air circulated is natural. 

+ Airconditioners artificially cool the air, and spew out heat in the process and adding to global warming.

+ People who are susceptible to or suffering from respiratory illnesses should use a fan since lower temperatures may worsen conditions. Leave windows or doors open in fan-cooled spaces for better indoor air quality and ventilation. Interior contaminants like dust particles, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), mould, bacteria and airborne viruses are more readily diffused. 


+ While air-conditioners traditionally boast more sophisticated functions than fans, modern-day fans are keeping up with technology too!

+ Many fans now allow you to remotely control wind strength, direction, breeze rhythm and timer settings. Certain models, like KDK’s V-series ceiling fans, are equipped with thermal sensors that automatically adjust fan speed in response to ambient temperature.

+ Toyomi’s Mist Tower Fan comes with humidifying and ionising functions, and a continuous misting feature. The mist is created from water in a refillable tank, to which liquid mosquito repellent or even your favourite scent can be added.


+ Fans come in a variety of designs and can enhance the aesthetic effect of a space. Wood-coloured ceiling fans with long, elegant downroads complements a tropical resort-themed house, while fans in black or metallic shades will go well in modern or industrial-themed homes.


The Matthews Fan Company Duplo-Dinamico ceiling fan

Duplo-Dinamico Ceiling fan by Matthews Fan Company from Xtra Park Mall


Bianca Ceiling Fan by Matthews Fan Company from Xtra Park Mall

Bianca Ceiling Fan by Matthews Fan Company from Xtra Park Mall


*Source: National Environment Agency (based on average 2010 electricity tariff of $0.2348 per kWh, assuming a single-split, 1000W air-conditioner and a 31W electric fan are used 365 days a year).