Wood, leather, and neon lights at Vanimal, a Hong Kong vegetarian restaurant.

WHAT: Vanimal, a 30-seat vegetarian restaurant. It is designed by Hong Kong-based interior design studio, Via. architecture.

WHERE: Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

WHY WE LOVE IT: Via.'s opposites-attract concept mashes various styles, designed with an aim to "add dissimilar elements and embrace the way differences can bring surprising results," said principal designer Frank Leung.

vanimal, neon lights, restaurant, design, interior

vanimal, neon lights, restaurant, design, interior

Neon lights at the entrance, and a mix of industrial materials and glass inside. This series of dining chairs by Via echo both natural elements and animal instincts.

An interesting art display will always make a difference, from smaller pieces for a vignette or a larger piece that covers an entire wall.

For this project, Via.’s principal designer Frank Leung studied the natural silhouettes of plants and animals closely. We see plenty of odd shapes here - from the kooky wooden bannister rail to the curvy glass table. We also like that there are different textures and shades of wood.

Paired with the concrete screed are mosaic tiles in various colours.