Would you dare to try these colour schemes for your home?

Not for the faint-hearted, let these unabashedly loud and colourful interiors give you inspiration to use bold and contrasting colours in your home, too! From the walls to furniture, check out how these homeowners play with colour!

From the walls to the rug in the living room, the homeowner decided that every part of the home should be splashed with a coat of cheery colour!

(Interior design by Free Space Intent)

To take it one step further, the same homeowner decided to go with different coloured mosaic tiles for a playful touch!

(Interior design by Free Space Intent)

Who would have thought, a yellow Oriental-style dining set in a modern home! Why not?

(Interior design by Juxtapose)

From this angle, we get a glimpse of the various colours used in this home! A great way to segment an open concept home!

(Interior design by wynk;collaborative)

Orange coloured walls may seem a little overwhelming, but it'll lend warmth and energy to any space. 

(Interior design by Free Space Intent)

Is your space lacking a feature wall? Consider using a brightly-coloured printed wallpaper!

(Interior design by Design Intervention)

A little colour-adverse? Start by using colour in a smaller space like a narrow bathroom

(Interior design by Design Intervention)

Go all out with an all-red bathroom!

(Interior design by MOGX)

Another way to introduce colour in your home would be to choose colourful pieces of furniture!

(Interior design by Edgeline Planners)