Your study may be making you unproductive

People who work from home have the privilege of choosing which part of the home they'd like to work from - the dining table, the kitchen island, your study room, etc. Some people prefer to change about, and others choose a spot, and stick with it. Whatever your preference is, your work station should allow you to be most effective at what you do, and should reflect the kind of work you do, too. Here's how...

Plan ahead. Does your study area give you sufficient room for all the things you need? Can your desk accomodate your computer, speakers, bookcase and printer?

Create an ambience. If you're working with your hands a lot, a mixture of natural light and tasks lamps would ensure you have a bright and sunny space to work in, both in the day and at night.

Accessorise. Don't be afraid to accessorise and personalise your work station! Put up what inspires you and makes you happy!

Carve out a spot to relax. Everyone needs to take a break every now and then! Sit by the bay window, read or even take a short nap!

Declutter. Even if you believe you're an "organised mess" type of person, you should still practice decluttering! Invest in a roomy bookcase or shelving unit to keep paper piles at bay! You could also consider a desk that becomes hidden as soon as you close the shutters. No more clutter! Out of sight, out of mind!

Sit right. Ensure that you have a comfortable chair that keeps your posture upright. However, don't forget to stretch every so often! Stand up for a bit, walk around. Also, if you're afraid that you will fall asleep at your desk, consider a stool!

Working from home is challenging, but it shouldn't be painful! Do yourself a favour and start with the makeover today!