Highly resistant to thermal shocks, scratches, and stains, Cosentino’s ultra-compact surface Dekton has been revolutionising the architecture and interior design industries since it was launched.

Made using a patented nanotechnology, Dekton offers a wide range of colours whose beauty and tactility are on par with natural stone for both indoor and outdoor uses. And Cosentino has been continuously expanding on Dekton’s format to better cater the build environment industry.

The latest and greatest of these is Dekton Slim, the new ultra-thin large format that opens up a whole new possibility in design with its incredible 4-mm thinness. Here are three ways it revolutionises your design:

Dekton Slim Liquid Sky wall panels

1. As Bathroom Cladding

Like its thicker variants, Dekton Slim is ultra-resistant to humidity and stains. It is maintenance and requires only frequent wipe down with damp cloth to clean, making it ideal for bathroom cladding.

A chic bathroom clad in Dekton Slim Helena from the Avant Garde ’20 collection.
A chic bathroom clad in Dekton Slim Helena from the Avant Garde ’20 collection.

Its large format, measuring 3.2 x 1.44m translates to fewer joints, greater hygiene and cut-to-measure options.

A dark bathroom clad in Dekton Slim Eter from the Portfolio ’20 collection.

2. As Kitchen Cladding

Who hasn’t dreamt of a sleek kitchen featuring a uniform marble finish? The problems with having matching marble countertops, cabinets, backsplash, and flooring are: it will be expensive, high-maintenance, and heavy on the construction with a great carbon footprint.

Dekton Slim solves these problems with its lightness, cut-to-measure option, and maintainability, which makes it ideal to clad vertical surfaces in the kitchen like backsplashes and cabinets. Weighing less than 10kg/sq m, Dekton Slim can be cut and adjusted onsite with standard tools used to cut ceramic tiles.

An elegant kitchen featuring Dekton Slim Laurent from the Avant Garde’20 collection.

3. As Furniture Cladding

Dekton Slim’s versatility extends beyond the kitchen and bathroom and into the world of custom furniture. It’s thinness, lightness and large format allow for endless customisation for performing furniture and homewares, from statement pieces like sculptural dining table to small items like serving plates and paper weight, the possibilities are limitless!

A living room with a feature wall and console finished with Dekton Slim Kovik from the Portfolio ’20 collection.

What other colours does Dekton Slim offer?

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