This year's SingaPlural event, as part of Singapore Design Week, will officially close on 13 March, 10pm. If you haven't had the chance to visit the exhibitions, located 99 Beach Road, now's the time!

by Alvin Tan x Topos Design Studio

A dimly-lit wooden chamber, which houses an abstract geometrical heart, enables you to experience colour, light, movement, and sounds like never before. It explores opposing energies – silence and noise, contentment and sadness. 

The Endangered
by Trigger Design x All Sense

At first glance, you'll think they are intricate jewellery boxes – and sure, it can be. Look a little closer and these endangered species, from the elephant to the deer, will trigger memories and emotions. The Deer (pictured) has a scent – created by All Sense – and sound that will delight you, whereas its textured grids are soft to the touch, reflective of the animal's approachable and community-living spirit.

The Fish Tank
by Evangelione 

Enter this fish tank, stand still, and let the fish swim around you (they really do!). Experience what things are like from a different dimension.

by Albert Lee x Jia Ying Chew

This room of darkness is one of the most interactive installations of SingaPlural. Playing with light and darkness, visitors will be enchanted by the light-hearted games and kaleidoscopes. Bring your phone or a mini flashlight!

by Mass Design Collective

This giant vending machine triggers a sense of nostalgia and playfulness! Insert 20 cents coins and turn the knob (you know how it goes), and see if you'll receive a ball of candy, a country eraser, and the old-school stacking pencils!