Having a happy and organised desk is important for work productivity. After all, a clean space is a clean mind! Here are a few easy and effortless DIY ideas that you can do for a cheerier revamped workspace. 

1. Use Washi Tape

diy, washi tape, wall art, creative, desk, revamp
Image: Nordic Leaves

Washi tapes come in a plethora of different designs, colours and styles, so you’ll never run out of materials! We especially love the idea of using them to stick some wall art or prints on the wall. You can even use them to create shapes for an interesting feature!

2. Creative Clocks

moon, clock, handmade, desk, revamp
Image: Brit

A desk is not complete without a clock. For starters, try this really easy clock DIY idea! You’ll only need three basic materials.

3. Desk Organisation

desk, organiser, diy, revamp, decor
Image: Freut Cake

Keep all your pens, pencils and other stationary in one place with this DIY desk organiser! The materials for this DIY project, such as cylinders and a wooden board, are readily available. And if a metallic copper sheen is not up your alley, then you can try getting creative with other colours.

4. Adding Life

diy, terrarium, desk, revamp, ideas

Make your workspace feel fresh and green by making your own terrariums! All you need is an old bulb, and some plastic plants. Find out more with this article!

5. Leather Folders

leather, file, folder, desk, diy, revamp
Image: Homey Oh My

Get your documents in order with these chic, sleek and easy-to-make DIY leather folders! They’re definitely unique compared to the conventional plastic or paper folders.

6. Personalised Printed Fabrics

diy, fabric, personalised, painted, wall, art, desk

Besides hanging up prints and pictures, try displaying printed fabric instead! Customise your own personal print with these tips