A home with an all-white interior design colour palette has the potential to look and feel cold, bland and boring.

However, when done right, white spaces can have a lot of personality and feel cosy!

Whether arranged in white space to create a minimalist look or providing a visual relief in a colourful space, white items need not be boring.

Here, the ultimate interior design guide on how to cleverly and effortlessly style an all-white house:

7 All-White Designer Furniture That’s Not Boring

If you’d love to buy and collect quirky and bold designer furniture but are worried about the visual chaos that might ensue in your restful home, consider getting these jarring design statements in all white instead.

1. Gervasoni Side Table

Italian furniture makers, Gervasoni, is a family-run business that’s been around since 1882. The company started off hand-weaving wicker furniture pieces in 20th century Italian design styes.

Even though the company has expanded its array of furniture offerings, today Gervasoni continue to work with natural materials – bringing them to forms befitting of their natural state.

Here, the Gervasoni Inout Side Table 47 ($980) and Inout Side Table 48 ($1,308) from The Beuro.

Visit The Beuro at #03-10, 315 Outram Road, Tan Boon Liat Building.

2. Saba Italia Coffee Tables

The furniture makers, Saba Italia, was founded some 35 years ago in 1987 in Northern Italy. The female-owned brand has since dedicated themselves to a humanistic curiosity around the “culture of living”.

Saba Italia’s furniture pieces are made to be flexible forms that accompany humans in the course of living.

All-White Interior Design Guide: How to style white interiors & furniture?

Here, the Saba Italia Leyva Small Tables were low tables ($1,225 to $1,325) designed by designer Giuseppe Vigano and were in production between 2007 and 2016.

Saba Italia Leyva Small Tables are available at P5 Studio, #01-08 Henderson Industrial Park, 213 Henderson Road.

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3. Stephanie Coutas

Designed by the Paris-based interior designer turned designer Stephanie Coutas, this SC Edition Mini Cambium side table stands 45cm in height, with a 40cm diameter marble top.

All-White Interior Design Guide: How to style white interiors & furniture?

The SC Edition Mini Cambium table exists in innumerable permutations of materials and colours. You could have it in a bronze top, bronze stand, a wooden stand, or even a leather stand. If you’d fancy, you could even have your family name embroidered on the leather by Chanel’s go-to legacy embroidery house of Maison Lesage.

Mini Cabium side table is available on the SC by Stephanie Coutas website.

4. Dedy Sufriadi

46-year-old Dedy Sufriadi is a renowned artist from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He started painting in 1995 and is best known for his strong and forceful works of words, colours, and symbols.

Aside from his usually expressionistic body of work, Sufriadi is also most recognised for his abstract “Identification Object Series, Growing #2” series of silicone on canvas works.

All-White Interior Design Guide: How to style white interiors & furniture?

These “Growing #2” paintings come in 122cm x 122cm and are encased in a 18cm deep acrylic case. Works from this series are all unique, and will come with a certificate of authenticity.

Growing 2 painting by Dedy Sufriadi is priced at $15,500 from Ode To Art.

5. Mono Editions

Based in central Paris along 12 rue de Liège, Mono Editions was founded just a year ago in 2021 by former art gallery owner, Laetitia Ventura.

Ventura had a purist’s vision. She wanted to produce objects of desire – small batch furniture designed by esteemed architects, made with sustainable, single materials.

Some of the earliest names that worked with Ventura’s Mono Editions include the Parisian Gramme Studio and William Ventura Architecture.

All-White Interior Design Guide: How to style white interiors & furniture?

The Mono Editions Papierre Armchair (translate: paper armchair) is literally made of paper. Contrary to sight and understanding, this armchair was ergonomically designed to be comfortable, and is made of compressed paper and wooden plates.

It’s purpose is for the user to decide – armchair, console, book shelf, or corner shelf. Just be sure you don’t light a candle near this chair!

Mono Editions Papierre Armchair 12.8 starts from $10,867 on meillart.com

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6. Bocci 87.14

The Vancouver-based design and furniture company, Bocci, was founded in 2005 by designer and architect Omer Arbel and Randy Bishop, the finance and business counterpart.

Some of their best known works are their lights, particularly the Bocci 28, Bocci 14, and Bocci 73.

Here, we are looking at the all-white organically-shaped 14 pendants of the Bocci 87.14 designed by founder Omer Arbel himself.

All-White Interior Design Guide: How to style white interiors & furniture?

You get to choose between a white round or white rectangle canopy (attached to the ceiling), Xenon or LED lamps, and 12 inch to 120 inch cable lengths to fit the language of your space. I mean, it’s a showstopper.

Bocci 87.14 is available at $26,325 from Space Furniture

7. Opinion Ciatti Pacifico Bookshelf

Opinion Ciatti is a 72-year-old Italian furniture design company founded by Rolando Ciatti. Based in Florence, the founder Rolando knew furniture had to evolve with the times. Back then, he wanted to create a bench to place the television (the latest technology of his time). We know it as the TV console now.

All-White Interior Design Guide: How to style white interiors & furniture?All-White Interior Design Guide: How to style white interiors & furniture?

The Pacifico bookshelf is an “open-concept” bookshelf meant to be affixed onto the wall. It was designed by one of Opinion Ciatti’s designers, Lapo Ciatti, just this year in 2022.

If you’re an avid book fan, this shelf is meant to help you stack your wonderful collection of books in the most free-standing and organic manner.

All-White Interior Design Guide: How to style white interiors & furniture?All-White Interior Design Guide: How to style white interiors & furniture?
All-White Interior Design Guide: How to style white interiors & furniture?All-White Interior Design Guide: How to style white interiors & furniture?

Opinion Ciatti’s Pacifico bookshelf is available at Space Furniture.

We also borrowed some all-white home decor styling tips and ideas from some of the most inspiring white homes we’ve seen in Singapore:

One Colour, Many Textures

In this all-white living room designed by Metaphor Studio, all of the key furniture and walls are awashed in white.

An all-white living room in an apartment with sheer curtains and glossy flooring. Interior design by Metaphor Studio.

However, the cominbation of the sheer curtains, glossy flooring, and tactile upholstery adds visual variety to the space.

Keep Your Lines Clean

This all-white kitchen space designed by Design Intervention showcases an effortless way to have an elegant all-white home: clean lines, white walls, white flooring, white ceiling, white furniture. 

Design Intervention kitchen

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Get Bigger Windows + Larger Mirrors

Got a small bathroom and want the illusion of a larger space? Carve out a bigger window to let in more light and add a large mirror!

This master bedroom bathroom also exudes a contemporary spa feel with the interior designer, Aiden T’s clever use of a white and pale grey palette.

Create 3D or Textured Elements

If you’re struggling with a bland, plain, white wall, try creating a focal point on your white wall with 3D or textured elements to draw visual attention.

White might be a neutral colour, but the various design features in this living room designed by Distinctidentity – the angular floating armchairs, incomplete wall mosaic, and boxes of curiosity create a light yet interesting atmosphere.

A White and Steel Kitchen

To balance out the harsh modern look of the stainless steel cooker hood, interior designers at Pure Interior made use of a textured white brick wall in the background to give this kitchen a softer, homely and rustic vibe.

Apply brighter whites in areas like the kitchen and toilet – they reflect light to keep the spaces looking well-lit and clean.

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All-White French Country Kitchen

A distinct cottage decor theme could easily look over-the-top in a regular Singapore condo or HDB flat.


However, by making use of an all-white colour palette, the heavy design elements are less pronounced, giving the room a modern and lighter aesthetic.White Patterned Screens

If you find your plain white HDB default walls too boring, but don’t want to hack or make drastic changes, you can consider layering a patterned screen to accent the space.


This patterned metal screen installed in a local HDB flat by interior designers Spacedge Designs immediately injects a fun, retro vintage curiosity into this all-white home. Of course, this makes a perfect cover up for new HDB BTO flats’ bomb shelters too.