South Korean artist Lee Sangsoo is a champion of the faux-naif style, which advocates innocent, purposefully child-like aesthetics.

Drawing inspiration from his childhood drawing and paintings, Sangsoo’s work comprises colourful, whimsical sculptures composed of simple lines that made one smile. Think of children’s adorable crayon drawings, but made into 3D sculptures.

One of Sangsoo’s latest collection that showed in Jan 2022 in Singapore was a collection of playful animal sculptures made from coiled, long strips of metal.

Simple yet no less pleasing to the eye, the sculptures reveal an understated geometric sophistication upon a closer inspection.

They lend a dynamic touch to a space and a pop of colour ranging from sweet pastels that delight viewers of all age to monochromatic tones that would not look out of place in a minimalist settings.

In Singapore, Lee Sangsoo is represented by the Ode to Art Gallery.