Tackling a small living space doesn’t have to be a design dilemma. When it comes to enhancing a petite-sized apartment or HDB flat, and turning it into a chic, cosy and functional home, shopping with intent and savvy furniture arrangements are key.

Especially if you live for timelessly chic pieces but have a budget to stick to, make homegrown furniture e-commerce brand Castlery your first stop. Its range of furniture doesn’t just boast quality craftsmanship, but also price tags that are wallet-friendly. Designs lean towards contemporary and mid-modern century, which complement various interior aesthetics and are especially ideal for those after subdued modernity.

Keep scrolling for chic furnishing ideas and strategic styling tips to make the most of your compact space.

#1 Play with scale and proportion

Castlery’s two- and three-seater sofas are designed to fit most living rooms in Singapore, where small apartments and HDB flats are the norm. Pictured: Wayne sofa from Castlery.

For starters, dwelling in small quarters doesn’t mean you have to go for compact furnishings. It might seem counter-intuitive but don’t be afraid to scale up – the trick is to keep it curated and choose ones that are proportionate to your space. A sofa with ample seating, for instance, eliminates the need for multiple small chairs, which can look messy. The three-seater Wayne Sofa offers plenty of room seating minus the bulk with a slim slatted solid rubber wood frame and an airy base.

The svelte legs of Castlery’s Ethan 3 Seater Sofa with Ottoman and Armchair collection reduce visual bulk while plush, generous seating invites you to sink in.

At the same time, keeping furniture off the ground lets you see more floor surface, giving the impression of extra space. Think exposed legs, like that of the Ethan collection, for an airier look.

Another design trick to cop: Furniture that sits low to the ground can create the illusion of a higher ceiling. Balance low-profile pieces with sleek, regular-sized accents like a lamp or a tall and narrow vase.

#2 Double up on storage

The teak table tops of the Mico Coffee Table & Side Table can be removed to reveal storage while the rattan design exudes a rustic chic vibe.

When faced with a lack of square footage, invest in decor or furniture that work harder. Get more mileage with stylish pieces that offer storage opportunities, like the Mico Coffee Table and Side Table. They’re lightweight, can easily be moved around to suit your spatial needs, and make for good hideaways for miscellaneous objects.

Likewise, a TV console with additional room for media essentials, books and other knick knacks is a must-have to keep your living room clutter-free.

Boasting a slim silhouette raised on ultra-sleek legs, the Nigel TV Console opens up to reveal storage space and an unexpected pop of colour.

#3 Versatile style

Colour tip: Light-coloured furniture brightens a room and opens up the space. Pictured: Adams Reversible Coffee Table from Castlery.

Apartment dwellers will know to take advantage of every square inch, and this means furniture pieces that pull double duty. And not only do they stretch your space, they complement our increasingly fluid lifestyles and give you bang for your buck, too.

The elegant Adams Reversible Coffee Table is perfect as an ottoman for propping up your feet or for seating when you have company. Flip the top over and it transforms into a coffee table, revealing a sturdy oak veneer surface that can be used for drinks and food.

#4 Make mirrors your friend

The Nero Sideboard oozes casual luxury with a walnut veneer frame and tapered brass-finished legs. Adjustable shelves provide ample and flexible storage.

Mirrors are one of the oldest tricks in the book for small-space living – because they work. Not only do they reflect and maximise light, they add depth and visually double your room. Entryways and dining areas are great spots for mirrors and in this case, the Nero Sideboard with mirrored doors offers both substantial storage and a space-enhancing effect.

#5 Think vertical

The asymmetric design of the Logan Shelf creates geometric interest while offering functionality. Its shallow shelves also allow for more traffic flow in your home.

When you’re short on real estate, direct your gaze upwards. Think shelves, floating cabinets or even wall pegs. An open shelving unit like the Logan Shelf can be used to hold an assortment of items while keeping your layout open, and can even act as a divider. Showcase your favourite books, sculptures and crockery or use baskets or boxes for stylish storage.

For more information or to shop the pieces, visit www.castlery.com.

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