Christmas Wreath Workshop: 4 Steps to DIY your own Christmas Wreath

Over the past few years, we’ve seen Christmas Wreath workshops sprouting all over Singapore. For approximately $80 to $240 per pax, you get all the necessary materials such as loose fir branches, twine, wire, wooden wreath “base” and decorative ornaments in a Christmas Wreath Workshop.

6 Christmas Wreath Workshop in Singapore

Here are 6 Christmas wreath workshops you will find in Singapore this Christmas 2023:

Christmas Wreath WorkshopPriceLocation
Dawn Q Floral Design$15862 Ubi Road 1, Oxley BizHub 2 #08-08
Botany Studio$1258 Burn Road, Trivex, #16-11
Bynd Artisan$16044 Jalan Merah Saga, #01-54
Charlotte Puxley$2439C Lock Road, #02-21
Sing See Soon$180 for family of 45 Simei Lane
Flowers by Terra$80Undisclosed
Dawn Q Floral Design christmas wreath workshop

Dawn Q Floral Design Christmas Wreath Workshop, $158

Nothing like spending a lovely afternoon over at Oxley BizHub 2 to put together your very own Christmas wreath with Dawn Q Floral Design at $158 per pax, with the use of natural Christmas foliage and fillers, such as pine, cinnamon, and oranges for a wreath size at about 30 to 35cm.

You can select your preferred dates for the Christmas Wreath workshop on weekdays at 2pm or on Saturdays at 1pm to learn from the team of passionate florists. Or if you have a different time in mind, you can also reach out to the team to arrange separately, along with other flower workshops from floral jamming to dried flowers in basket available on the website.

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Botany Studio Traditional Door Christmas Wreath Workshop

Botany Studio Christmas Wreath Workshop, $125

Located near Tai Seng MRT Station, Botany Studio (at Trivex, 8 Burn Road) will cost you $125 per pax for a 2 hour workshop. You will be making a traditional green and red hanging door wreath decorated with pine cones and dried fruits. This fresh wreath will last you 2 to 3 weeks, so the workshop dates are all in December.

All workshops are held on the weekends, from 10am to 3pm or so. Find a friend to attend with you and you’ll get a $10 discount off your bill.

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Bynd Artisan Christmas Wreath Workshop

Bynd Artisan Christmas Wreath Workshop, $160

Held at their flagship store located at 44 Jalan Merah Saga (Holland Village, Chip Bee Gardens), Bynd Artisan’s Festive Christmas Wreath Workshop will set you back by $160 per pax. The book makers collaborated with Sparrow Studio Flowers to come up with this 2.5 hour Christmas wreath workshop.

You’ll be walking away with a 35cm green Christmas wreath decorated with fir and eucalyptus. Choose to hang it at your door, or place it as a round table wreath setting with a candle in the wreath’s donut!

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Charlotte Puxley Christmas Wreath Workshop

Charlotte Puxley Christmas Wreath Workshop, $243

Held at 9C Lock Road (off Alexandra Road, Gillman Barracks), Charlotte Puxley’s Christmas Wreath Workshop will be running from 18 November to 16 December. There’s a total of 6 workshops peppered throughout weekdays and weekends, 10am to 12pm or 6pm to 8pm.

For $243 per pax, you will be getting a 30cm Christmas wreath, all foliage, flowers, plus tea, coffee, and some tea snacks! This is one of the most expensive Christmas Wreath Workshops in town, but it does sound like it makes a lovely afternoon tea date with a loved one.

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Sing See Soon Christmas Wreath Workshop

Sing See Soon Christmas Wreath Workshop, $180 for 4

The most value-for-money Christmas Wreath Workshop on this list must be Sing See Soon’s Christmas Wreath Family Workshop held on the 10 December 2023, Sunday (from 12 to 2pm). For $180 for a family of four, you get all materials for each family member – every one gets to make their own wreath!

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Flowers by Terra Christmas Wreath Workshop

Flowers by Terra, $80

For a budget option, Flowers by Terra is offering Christmas Wreath Workshops at $80 per pax. You will, however, be making a smaller wreath of 25cm (instead of the usual 30cm to 40cm wreaths). All materials will be provided, such as the foliage, pine, and dried fruit decorations.

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DIY Christmas Wreath (Step by step guide)

Such Christmas wreath workshops are aplenty, but if you’ve been to one before and need a refresher, or simply prefer to attempt one by yourself, here’s a step-by-step guide to making your own DIY Christmas Wreath by Ms Dawn Quek, florist-owner at Dawn Q Floral Design.

Christmas Wreath Workshop: 4 Steps to DIY your own Christmas Wreath

Dawn Q Floral Design is located at 62 Ubi Road 1, and does customised floral wreaths and conducts wreath-making workshops. You may know Dawn Q better by their pink-washed cafe Q classified located on the third floor of Ngee Ann City, which is now closed.

Christmas Wreath DIY Step-by-Step Guide

First, gather your materials. They are quite simple and can be easily found at art supply stores such as Daiso, Art Friend, or Spotlight.

Materials You’ll Need

  1. Wire and twine
  2. Wooden Christmas wreath structure, 30cm in diameter
  3. A 1m-long strip of wide ribbon
  4. Clippers and scissors
  5. Decorative baubles & ornaments
  6. Chamaecyparis yellow leaves
  7. Ilex x meserveae “Blue Prince” leaves
  8. Phalaris, which has been dyed red
  9. Skimmia japonica, spray-painted gold
  10. Ilex verticillata, spray-painted gold
  11. Cotton flowers
  12. Pine cones

The wooden Christmas structure comes in foam and wire versions as well, and can be found at Spotlight or even plant wholesalers.

Christmas Wreath Workshop: 4 Steps to DIY your own Christmas Wreath

Don’t fret over getting exact flowers. Pick a bunch of a colour scheme that you like. You’ll be good visiting one of the major plant wholesalers or plant nurseries in Singapore.

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DIY Christmas Wreath: Step-by-Step Guide

Christmas Wreath Workshop: 4 Steps to DIY your own Christmas Wreath

1. Create the wreath’s structure

Wind the wire around the width of the wooden structure and create a loop with the remaining part of the wire. This is now the centre of your wreath. The loop will allow you to hang it from a hook when it is finished.

Next, use the ribbon to tie a bow over the wire to cover it (photo 1).

2. Start inserting the plants & branches

Build your wreath with the Chamaecyparis yellow leaves as the base. When cutting the branches of the plants to stick into the wooden structure, leave about 6 to 8cm of the stalk.

Do not cut it too short as it will fall out of the structure easily. If it is too long, the branch will stick out on the other side.

Stick the branches at an angle instead of vertically down and arrange them in a circular manner, following the shape of the wooden structure (photo 2).

Also, make sure the leaves are not spread out too much.

3. Now, add the colours

As you go along, add the other coloured leaves and flowers to the arrangement. Mixed foliage, with contrasting textures and colours, create a more visually arresting wreath.

For the cotton flowers and pine cones, twine the base with wires (photo 3) and loop the wire around the width of the wooden structure. Tie a knot to fasten the flowers or cones and cut the excess wire.

For variety, you can also use cinnamon sticks tied with ribbon.

When you are done with half of the wreath – or reached the bottom of the wreath – change the direction of the placement of the leaves. This will prevent your wreath from turning out with all the leaves facing downwards.

Both end points do not need to be levelled with each other – this will create an unfinished look.

4. Finally, add the ornaments

String some wire through the bauble, loop it under the ribbon and make a knot so that it hangs on the wreath (photo 4).

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Part of this article first appeared on The Straits Times.