Colour trends for the year ahead point to a preference for toned-down and pastel shades, and what better way to embark on adopting the look than giving a breath of new life to your walls through an injection of subtle hues, such as those in this Pierre Frey laminated fabric wallpaper design by Ken Fulk. We are especially taken with the allure of the pastel lavender note seen in this kaleidoscopic wallpaper design.

For those concerned about its apparent powdery softness, this shade of lavender can be easily complemented with other lighter colours in order to boost the saturation of the hue. It can also be used on linen and soft furnishing, and mixed with other pastels for a cotton-candy effect.

Kaleidoscope Wallpaper by Ken Fulk for Pierre Frey.

However, as with all the colours we feature in every issue, the important rule to making them work in your space is in knowing how to strike a balance between having too little and too much. In this case, it can be easy to overdose on infusing your home with too much pastel shades and ending up with a washed-out or retro look.

The Ken’s Kaleidoscope wallpaper design (above) features abstract floral motifs inspired by the designer’s exuberant bouquet arrangements.

Be sure to even out the mix with some solids, such as jet black, red or even navy blue, for a more contemporary look.
Pastel lavender can also be used to bring out the beauty of natural textures, such as woodgrain or marble. Take note that it does tend to look darker when viewed in the evening light, so use it sparingly around outdoor areas.

“This is a wonderful Spring colour, so it would be nice to see it in your home as you start the new year. It is a very easy colour to work with so I would recommend it to new homeowners who want to try imbuing their rooms with lively shades,” says Wong Liangyuan, colour expert at Haven Lifestyle. “Try painting it on a canvas and hanging it on the wall first if you are not sure how it is going to look with the rest of your furniture.”