Powder blue, a grown-up, sophisticated version of baby blue, is a chalky pastel blue with a grey undertone that goes with almost everything. “Fresh and clean, this colour is tranquil and peaceful,” says Wong Liangyuan, colour expert at Haven Lifestyle, of the psychological effect of powder blue.

“I find powder blue to be extremely calming, the magical colour of the sky just after sunrise,” he adds. No wonder that this colour fits the year 2021, a year of recovery.

“Extremely calming, The magical colour of the sky just after sunrise.”

wong liangyuan, haven lifestyle.

In interior design, powder blue goes best with neutrals like white, beige, greige and grey shades. Layering powder blue with other, more intense and saturated blues can have a calming and restful effect as seen in this bedroom furnished with Ariel Upholstered Bed by British brand Sweetpea & Willow, which pairs powder blue with indigo and white that creates a feminine touch.

Photo courtesy of Sweetpea & Willow

“Although it is a soft, pastel tone, I personally feel that it has enough character to take the center stage in the interior,” says Liangyuan. “As the main colour, it really can go on anywhere in the interior – walls, large pieces of furniture, cushions and rugs.”

The ceiling is your fifth wall. Painting it powder blue can lend a sophisticated touch to your room.

Photo courtesy of Limelace

“Throw in accent pieces of complementary ochre or coral to increase the visual interest in a predominantly powder blue room, suggest Liangyuan, as seen in this bedroom dressed in ocean theme featuring Fish Classic Wallpaper by designer Sian Zeng for Limelace, which pairs powder blue with teal and ocher.

Photo courtesy of Fritz Hansen

What about powder blue as a colour accent? “As an accent colour, powder blue can add a fresh touch to a neutral setting via small items like throws, cushions, and frames.” It even works fro furniture, as seen in this setting from Fritz Hansen.