There is a growing sense of eagerness and anticipation as we move into the final months of the year, perhaps because everyone is hoping for the dreaded pandemic situation to resolve itself and for the world to bravely forge into life in the new normal come 2022.

This expectation is interpreted in Dulux’s colour of 2022. Aptly named Bright Skies, this warm toned shade of blue conveys a feeling of hopefulness mixed with the slightest tinge of youthful innocence and trepidation.

Bright Skies is an airy, light blue that reflects the limitless skies, it brings a hint of the natural world inside and can also work with a host of other shades.

“After a spell of feeling shut in, we crave expansion – the great outdoors, the open air, a fresh approach and a new start. Our Colour of the Year is an optimistic shade that encapsulates a breath of fresh air,” says Heleen van Gent, creative director of the Global Aesthetic Center over at Akzonobel, parent company of the Dulux brand.

“This is a wonderful colour because it presents an ideal option for homeowners who love blue but do not want to use a shade that is too light or too dark. It is a tad heavier in hue compared to the usual pastel blue, but I think that’s what makes it so captivating,” says Wong Lianyuan, colour specialist at Lifestyle Haven. “I would use this with white for a timeless look, or with a contrasting hue for an accent wall.”

In line with the way our homes have evolved into a space for work and play, this hue also aims to create a lighthearted ambience suitable for working as well as living in.

As a wall colour, this pared down shade of blue is a very forgiving tone that can be used to complement a wide variety of neutral hues. It is a welcome version that avoids the overwhelming effect of baby blue, while still presenting a colour that reminds us of the sky and sea.

Photos by Akzonobel.