With the death of George Floyd, which sparked international outcry and anti-racism protests, people around the globe have not just acknowledged but have rallied to express solidarity for the Black Lives Matter movement. And this has extended to the design and arts industry, with many creatives lending their support to anti-racism organisations and initiatives beyond social media posts.

One of the latest is the Design Yard Sale, launched by a group of students and alumni from Harvard Graduate School of Design. Bringing the typical yard sale online, it sells and auctions items by the design community as well as the students. They include original drawings and prints, clothing, out-of-print books, furniture and sculptures.

All net proceeds will go towards the Bail Project , which pays bail for people in need, and Colloqate Design, a non-profit design practice.

On auction: A Virgil Abloh x IKEA MARKERAD chair that will be signed by the Off-White designer with the purchaser’s name. Screengrab: Design Yard Sale

Standout objects that are up for auction include a Virgil Abloh x IKEA MARKERAD chair (which will be signed by the fashion designer) as well as a concrete stool by American architect-designer Jerome Byron. Bidding starts today (July 3, 8 PM EDT).

A glass-fibre reinforced stool by Jerome Byron, part of a series comprising a range of colorful pastel concrete cast furniture, that is also up for bidding. Photo/screengrab: Jerome Byron via Design Yard Sale

The event was launched on 1 July 2020, and will run for a month. Meanwhile, the team comprising students and alumni of Harvard GSD, Yaxuan Liu, Tessa Crespo, Grace Chee, Edward Han and Izzy Kornblatt, has also opened the event for designers to submit donations till mid-July.

The Studio Mirage, a drawing by Miruna Mazilu. Photo/screengrab: Miruna Mazilu via Design Yard Sale

“While the design profession must rethink its long term plan to battle racism both within the field and in society, we want to use our creativity and skills to assist the Black community right now in projecting its voice and in leading the profession and society towards a better and more equitable future,” says the team.

“We are not activists or politicians, but as minority designers and students ourselves, we want to contribute to the movement in whatever small way we can. To that end, we thought that we might utilize our greatest strength—design—to gather as many resources as possible into the hands of the movements’ leaders, and let them do what they do best.”

Shipping is available worldwide. For more information, visit www.designyardsale.org.