The French high fashion house of Hermes recently unveiled its collection of home items for this year’s Spring/Summer season, filled with plenty of soothing shades and lush textures.

The small collection of handmade items range from silk and canvas cushions, to a table mirror and brush holder. Not to be forgotten is a new update to its line of wool and cashmere blankets, this time in cheery red, orange, yellow and blue accents.

The iconic Palmarum Fortunei shawl design by Katie Scott makes a return, this time in a blend of cashmere and wool as a blanket or throw for the living room sofa.

The Jump H blanket in wool and cashmere jacquard features bright accents on a jade green base.

The casaque cushions in vice-versa silk twill and H canvas is available in several variations.

The Sialk center piece in enamelled copper presents a unique look on the rustic-style tableware. According to the maison, “Several applications and firings are needed to create these unique pieces, which express a rich array of textures and contrasts after firing in a subtle balance between fused pigments and the rawness of the materials.”

 Perfect for the dressing table, the Circe collection of brush holder, mirror and boxes feature bullcalf leather trims around the porcelain bodies.

The Atrium Jaguar dans un jardin mexicain tray in handpainted lacquer stands out against the classic yellow base.

The Spring/Summer home collection is now available at Hermes.