If there’s one takeaway from the events of 2020, it’s that our homes are increasingly becoming spaces we can connect with, decompress and yes, spark joy.

Think about the place you want to call home for the next few years. There’s a dizzying array of design styles these days, but fads are fleeting. And a complete overhaul isn’t only costly but cumbersome when a once sought-after trend starts feeling tired and dated.

If you’re after a timeless interior that’ll feel comfortable for years to come, think understated elegance. And one of our go-tos for subtly sophisticated furniture? Homegrown e-commerce retailer Castlery. Plus, you’ll get well-made pieces with prices that are within reach.

To make your space feel inherently modern while having staying power, here are some of our tips, and furniture styles to add to your shopping list.

Place emphasis on clean lines, shapes and natural materials

Wooden slatted TV console

Natural materials like wood and marble are here to stay, and add texture and warmth. Likewise, veer away from decor that is too showy, and keep silhouettes clean-lined. Keep an eye out for pieces that look minimal and sleek while still conveying a sense of design, like the August TV console.

Go neutral with main furniture pieces

The Tana sofa, Zane side table and Miles coffee table.

Timeless home decor doesn’t have to be void of personality or excitement. And we totally get it if the latest interior trends get the design enthusiast in you dreamy-eyed.

But instead of going full-blown with a particular fad, consider keeping the foundation of your interiors and main furniture pieces neutral while experimenting with of-the-moment accents. Not only do you get to indulge in a fresh look, this makes it easier to switch up your aesthetics in the future, too.

The classic light grey and brown hues of pieces like the Tana sofa, Zane side table and Miles coffee table create a calm backdrop for a soothing and welcoming space. For added texture and tactility, throw in accents such as patterned cushions or the Marc jute oval rug.

Master the art of the mix

The Todd extended sofa, Andre coffee table, Zane side table and Cliff shelf.

Replicating a specific style can look uninspiring and boring. Think about pulling different aspects of your favourite trends together instead. Not only does mixing styles bring a unique character to your home, it’s hard to pin your aesthetics down to a certain era or trend.

One rule of thumb to follow? Don’t go beyond more than three trends to keep your interiors looking like a hodgepodge of styles haphazardly thrown together. Here, the Todd extended sofa and Andre coffee table are modern, the Zane side table evokes mid-century modern vibes and the Cliff shelf is industrial chic.

Don’t cramp your style

The Joseph bedroom collection.

As tempting as it may be to fill empty spaces with furniture or accessories, especially if there’s plenty of room, the cramped look is never chic (unless you’re gunning for that look). Balance and harmony is key, so keep it curated, and with furnishings scaled to the size of the room.

This is also where storage strategies come into play.

For a clean-lined bedroom, the Joseph bedroom collection gets our vote. Well-proportioned and streamlined, the bed frame’s floating base lends to the impression of more floor space, while the bedside table has substantial storage to keep clutter out of sight.

Round wood end table
The Mika end table.

If square footage is at a premium, skip the coffee table to free up walking space. The Mika End Table is a focal piece by itself with its cylindrical shape and rich walnut veneer. It also comes with ample storage; a soft-closing push-to-open mechanism allows easy access to double drawers.

Furniture that complements your living habits

Extendable wood dining table
The Seb extendable dining table.

We could go on about the various ways to style a home, but ultimately, the best interiors are the ones that adapt to and resonate with the needs of our fluid lifestyles.

When it comes to versatility, the Seb extendable dining table crafted with sturdy acacia wood can extend from 150cm to 200cm, offering extra table top surface and seating when you have company over. Rounded corners also make it safe for when kids are around.

modular sofa
The Adams chaise sectional sofa with ottoman.

The Adams chaise sectional sofa with ottoman is a modular set that allows for flexible seating options to suit different occasions. For instance, the chaise module of the sofa can be detached to fit your layout, for when you have guests, or simply if you prefer a cosy spot to curl up on.

Lastly, quality is key

And of course, the quality of your furnishings matter, too. Low-priced items that aren’t well made are often short-lived, and can make your home look shabby. But that’s not to say you have to splurge on high-end goods. Thanks to a direct-to-consumer business model, Castlery’s costs are kept low so you get quality, enduring furniture with wallet-friendly price tags.

Visit www.castlery.com to shop your favourite pieces or for more information.

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