Decided to throw a party last minute? Don’t worry, you can pull it off. Just follow these easy tips.

Photo: Plan B. Co

HANDMADE ELEMENTS: What could be more heartfelt and meaningful than things that are homemade? Make your own ornaments as a personal decor touch to your space. It’s more genuine than getting everything to look “perfect”.

PERSONALISE IT: Make guests feel welcome with a personal touch, such as placing a name card on each seat or place setting.

DIM THE LIGHTS: Lighting helps create ambience. For an intimate mood, opt for fairy lights, which are affordable and convenient to take around – from the living room to the backyard! – Noura Aljunied, co-founder of events company Plan B.

USE FOOD AS DECOR: A simple trick to create a decorative tablescape: opt for clear glass dispensers,so your sparkling lime-mint quencher can take centre stage. Add fresh slices for both taste and look.

CREATE THE LOOK: “For that rustic organic look, dress your dessert tables with garden herbs and tropical leaves. Using wooden wine crates as dessert stands also gives the table more dimension!” – Jenna White, pastry chef from artisan bakery Baker & Cook.

PICK THE RIGHT FOOD: “Comfort food like cakes, pies and tarts give me a sense of familiar warmth, and conversations centered around this just make it twice as fun!”-  Dewi Imelda Wadhwa, founder of And All Things Delicious

CROWD PLEASERS: Appetisers such as a sophisticated cheese board, like this one from Sprmrkt, are easy ways to get your guests crowding around the dinner table. Both are available for takeaway and private events.

LAST MINUTE THINGAMAJIGS: Have friends that can’t make it for your get-together? Show them your love with gifts or a card (picked up from your home or a store) and get them delivered by Carpal, a same-day, islandwide delivery service in Singapore. They can handle your errands too.

HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT, TOO: Cake, champagne, and… chores? Don’t let washing up spoil the festive mood. Have cleaning services like Helpling and Sendhelper take care of your mess, as you prepare for the next soiree.

IN THE FUTURE: “Store party decorations in labelled boxes for future use. Categorise them according to items or by themes, such as birthdays or baby showers – this will make planning much more convenient in the future!” – Noura Aljunied, co-founder of events company Plan B.