When you downsize your home, organising your worldly possessions in a reduced area can be frustrating. By adopting the small space survival strategies below, you can still create the home of your dreams. 

1. Opt for “leggy” furniture
furniture, leggy, living room, dining table
Image: Black N White House

Instead of boxy skirted upholstered pieces, opting for “leggy furniture” will help to create a light and airy feeling in your room. The only exception to this is storage beds or divan bed with deep drawers.

2. Use sliding doors
kitchen, sliding door, spacious, small space, elongate, corridor
Image: Joey Khu Interior Design

Replace swing doors with sliding doors or bi-fold doors to free up floor space. 

3. Get armless furniture 
armless furniture, sofa, clean, spacious, airy, small spaces
Image: Collective Designs

They are much easier to get in and out of when living tight.

4. Similarity in colour schemes 
wall, bed, blinds, neutral colours
Image: Design Intervention 

Keep curtains and blinds a similar colour to the walls to visually stretch a space.

5. Window-like cabinets
table, cabinets, kitchen, window-like, glass, see through
Image: Lekker Design

Cabinets with glass-panelled doors and interior lighting create the illusion of a window, giving the room an open, airy feel. 

6. Opt dual-purpose furniture 
sofa, storage unit, pillows, drawers
Image: Proj. B Studio

Examples include sofa with incorporated storage or an ottoman which folds out into a bed. 

7. Aim to “hang up” everything
kitchen, hang up, utensils, work space, kitchen island
Image: Wy-To 

For example, suspend utensils from hooks mounted under top-hung kitchen cupboards and install wall-mounted shelves instead of a standing book case. 

8. Consider getting an oval or round table 
round table, dining area, unique, space saving solutions
Image: Ehka Studio 

Unlike a traditional rectangular one, the oval or round table will appear to occupy less space.

9. A simple divider will do
curtains, functional. dividers, room, separating,

Image: Distinct Identity 

A simple curtain or clear glass partition is a great way to easily divide two spaces. 

10. Angle your furniture
table, desk, space saving solutions, small spaces
Image: Prozfile

Try placing your furniture at an angle to walls to allow more walking space. Don’t overlook room corners which can be used to create a deep triangular desk or to mount the sink in a tight bathroom.