Use art in your home to inject pops of colour, as well as showcase your personality and hobbies. Whether its framed art, murals, or figurines, you should always make space for them in your home. These homes will give you an idea how.

A feature wall with a not-your-run-of-the-mill-shelf. (design: 2Form Interior Design)

Display it on an open shelf, and pick out unique furniture too. (design: Urban Design Builder)

Hang it above your bed. (image: Francis Amiand) More of this home here.

Let it take over a whole wall. (image: Business Times) More of this home here.

Use it to frame your space, and inject symmetry into the design. (design: Design Rebirth)

Have a designated spot. (design: Meter Square)

Let it be part of your vignette. (design: Paper + White)

Have an in-built corner, especially for larger pieces, art gallery style! (design: Studio Super Safari)

Not enough space? Opt for murals instead. (image: 25hour Hotel HafenCity)

Murals can take up the whole wall, if you're bold enough! (image: Mainport)