Design by h2o architectes

1. Bookshelves that separate the living spaces

This Parisian flat was designed to include five bookcases, big and small, which separate three living spaces. It also cleverly incorporated the apartment's sloped roofline into the design. Home to a family of four, it was designed by h2o architectes

According to Design Milk, each of the three spaces is separated based on its function and they all face a different orientation – East, West, or South.

Design by Sirius Art

2. Bookshelves that conceal doors

This bookshelf was built over the door of the bomb shelter to conceal it.

3. Bookshelves that maximise double-volume heights

Taking advantage of the high ceilings, the designers created a mezzanine floor so as to access the books on the very top.

4. Bookshelves that act as staircase railings

Instead of installing a railing, a bookshelf was built on one side of this staircase.

Design by Museum

5. Bookshelves that are built into your sofa

Keep your home space-efficient by customising a sofa with a bookshelf built into it.

Novelist Hanya Yanagihara's bedroom bookshelf. Photo by Brooke Holm. 

6. Bookshelves that act as room dividers

Carve out your home office or library from a room by using a large bookshelf as a divider. 


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7. Bookshelves framed in quirky shapes

Make your shelving units less serious by having them built in unconventional yet functional shapes


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8. Bookshelves that are seamlessly built into the wall

Save on floor space with a simple run-on wall shelf. 



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 9. Bookshelves with adjustable features

Create height-adjustable shelves by using AA tracks.



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10. Bookshelves with frosted sliding doors

Inspired by the austere aesthetics of monasteries, this solid oak and crude steel bookshelf commands a presence of its own.