Ox – 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009



The Ox is another sign that prospers in career during the year of the Pig. Your career is governed by Wood, and as Pig contains Male wood, it promises to bring you fortune and opportunities in your career this year. However, the decisions of the past year will have a big impact this year, which you must endure. Luckily, the year of the Pig also endows you with renewed strength and vitality to handle obstacles that may come your way. Take a more hands-on approach when it comes to managing your business. You must learn to be active when it comes to opportunities and challenges. If you are planning to change careers, the initial transition will be difficult, but rewarding.


In general for all signs, the year of the Pig is one of the more social years, with more opportunities for social events, gatherings or parties. However, the steady Ox may not feel very interested in these festivities. While you still know how to enjoy yourself, you may end up missing opportunities for romance because it is not your main interest this year. Even attached Ox may not appreciate the opportunity to bond with their loved one. You must keep your eyes open this year. Romance and passion are blossoming all around you, but you must bring yourself to notice it. Do not rush into any relationships though; always build up a strong foundation of feelings before making any commitment.


The Ox is naturally blessed with good health, but the year of the Pig is one requiring necessary precautions. Small illnesses, cuts or changes to your diet can spiral into more serious health problems. Therefore, you must keep a close eye on your health and not take any symptom or issue too lightly. Emotional health can also take effect as you are more sensitive to your surroundings. This year may test you with family conflicts or burdens. It is a good idea to work towards bonding with your elders this year. You must pay special attention to areas of the stomach, throat and respiratory system. It is a good idea to either start a diet or take up group exercises.


Both the Ox and the Pig can get along well with each other. As water is wealth and the Pig is connected to water, this year promises many opportunities for additional or extra income. The Ox must turn to their practical and strategic side in order to handle these opportunities. It is important to have a financial plan or else the wealth will flow in quickly and rush by without you being able to enjoy it. This can be a fruitful time for the Ox, if they practice both caution and rationality. Be extra careful with the people you choose to invite in to help handle your wealth.

Auspicious Months: May, September, December, March

Cautious Months: July

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