Rabbit – 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011



The Rabbit is favoured by the Pig, however, the Rabbit cannot carry all of the generosity and warmth given by the Pig. You have the potential to make big changes for yourself and be noticed by those in higher positions. However, the Rabbit must be careful not to be too contented or become too stubborn in having to make everything perfect. It is your alertness and willingness to progress that will help you increase your productivity. As the Pig is related to elders and those of seniority in your life, you should consider turning to senior members to look for your benefactors and advisors. You will gain the most valuable information from them.


The year of the Pig blesses the Rabbit with good fortune and luck when it comes to their love life this year. As compatible signs, the Pig provides the comfort and safety that the Rabbit needs to venture out and find love and increased friendships. Single Rabbits will find many unexpected but welcomed opportunities to meet someone or form bonds. Married Rabbits should enjoy this time by improving their relationship with their partner. However, you can also feel smothered if you’re not careful, so always set boundaries. Physical intimacy is important this year. Therefore, it will be beneficial if you can meet with your partner face-to-face instead of through email or text.


While the Pig is prosperous for many areas of the Rabbit’s life, it is cold water to the usual warmth that the Rabbit is used to. Thus, the health of the Rabbit may be more delicate this year and you will have to be more diligent when it comes to health matters. Stress and emotional health are the most important for you as it could affect your work life. Thus, it is important that the Rabbit finds other outlets to release tension and express themselves creatively. Be vigilant about your health, especially about your diet. You may be prone to overindulging in the year of the Pig so it is important to be cautious.


While the Rabbit may feel empowered by the good fortune in the other areas of their life, they should approach matters of finance and money carefully. This may not be a good period for you to invest. Your income will flow in steadily and slowly — do not feel that you need to hasten to bolster it. Avoid being too reckless or impractical. Instead, enjoy the wealth and fortune you already have. Do not make promises on finances to others. Consider turning to others for advice on how to save money. Those born in the year of the Snake can be good advisors.

Auspicious Months: March, July, October, November

Cautious Months: September

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