Time is a rare commodity. These suggestions help you trim some time and money off your usual routine.

Buy groceries online

Online grocery shopping has become a huge trend in Singapore, and there is little doubt about the amount of time you can save by using this service.

Not only does this save you time, bigger market players like Redmart and Fairprice online also offer exclusive deals for online purchases. Some also offer a free delivery service with a minimum purchase.

This could also help you stick to your shopping budget better, since you can immediately see the final price of your shopping and you won't get distracted with other items that you don't really need (which are generally placed in strategic areas of brick-and-mortar stores to lure you to buy them).

To save even more money, use a credit card that lets you earn cashback when you shop online. 

Image: foodline.sg

Order catered meals

Ever considered ordering 'Tingkat' meals? For just around $200, most Tingkat catering companies can supply a 20-day spread of three to four dishes (2 pax) to your doorstep. This can work out to be cheaper than eating out at food courts. Not to mention the time saved on toiling over the stove and washing plates, which can now be used for quality family bonding or relaxation.

Buy insurance online

New insurance comparison websites these days allow consumers to search for the exact type of coverage they need – no up-selling and cross-selling from financial advisors who are really earning a huge commission on what you buy from them.

Besides, any reputable insurance company will definitely have their own website where you can check the terms and conditions of each policy in detail.

If you do it right, it is possible to have more money in your purse and more extra time for your loved ones.

Written by Lynette Tan for GET.com, a lifestyle and personal finance website.