Have you ever thought of decorating your home by dressing up a plain black ladder and using it to display some of your favourite items?

Here are some tips on how you can do so: 

1) Display your fashion accessories

  • Take advantage of empty wall space and transform them into cosy corners in your home.
  • Mix and match items to include a variety of colours and textures.
  • Keep to 4 or 5 key pieces when styling, to prevent the look from appearing cluttered.

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2) Decorate a feature wall with plants, photos and postcards

  • Make use of hooks and clips to display items.
  • Choose hanging planters in geometric shapes, that can help add dimension to the overall aesthetic.
  • Add a pouf and there you have it — a cosy, Insta-worthy corner you can relax in.

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3) Showcase your magazine collection

  • Be innovative and instead of stacking your magazines on shelves, floors or bookcases, drape them over the ladder instead.
  • Slot a selection — choose covers of different colour palettes to create contrast — onto the various ledges.
  • Complement them with a selection of plants, if you like.