We vacuum the floors and wipe down our furniture to keep our home clean, but is that enough to protect the family from dust and bacteria? We tackle the problem room by room.

(See products that will keep your living room and bathroom germ-free)

– A healthy home is not just about what’s around you, but what you consume as well. Ensure your water is free from bacteria, sediments, and bacteria with the Hyflux Spring Digital Water Purifier ($369). It removes these impurities while retaining minerals in the water.

– Keep the grease away from the cabinets and walls with Rinnai’s RH-S259-SSR-T cooker hood ($450), which traps it in an oil cup for effortless disposal. The hood also features energy-saving LED light and a sensor touch control.   

– Don’t let bad smells from your fridge kill your appetite. The Chiller and Crisper Box in this KDN46VL20T Bosch Refrigerator ($1499) keeps your meat, fish, and vegetables fresh up to two times longer – spoilt meat is a common cause of unwanted odour – while the Air Filter neutralises odours.

– Your laundry will be lint-free, thanks to the Self Cleaning Condenser in Bosch’s Serie 8 Heat Pump Dryer ($3299), which traps fluff when drying. The dryer has also been awarded the ECARF Quality Seal, which means it is an allergy- and sensitive skin-friendly product!

Tip! Apart from using airtight containers for food, store fresh ingredients where you can see them – you won’t forget it’s there, lowering your chances of keeping spoilt foods and stinking up the fridge.