Sick of the mess but can't let go? Stop giving yourself excuses like these.

“We’ve accumulated a lot.”

It’s best to start decluttering early do you don’t have to rush decisions that you may regret later. Be selective with sentimental items, too. Save ones that really mean something, and you have space to display. Making a choice about what to keep gives these items the importance they deserve.

 “I don’t like these things but I feel conflicted about getting rid of them.”

Who isn’t guilty of keeping those unread must-read books? Think of it this way: your home is a sanctuary where you can recharge. If it’s filled with items you don’t like, it affects you more than you think. Let it go.

“We have a helper, but the clutter keeps coming back.”

The role of the helper is to clean the home, not get rid of your clutter. If there is clutter, she likely goes around it, so don’t blame her. Once you get rid of excess stuff, your housework will lessen too.

“I hope to lose weight and fit into all of these clothes again.”

There is no guarantee that the clothes you don’t fit today will fit you tomorrow. If you do start hitting the gym, you might bulk up or get leaner – who is to say the clothes will fit you better then? Put aside these clothes and set a deadline in your diary. If you haven’t lost weight within say, nine months, let it go. A wardrobe filled with items you can wear will empower you.

This was first published on The Finder.