(design: Bowerman Interior Planner)

1) Before you start cleaning the refrigerator, air it out and take out its contents. Divide them into three categories: one for things that need cleaning out (such as reusable containers with stale food), another for things that will go back into the fridge, and the last for discarding (throw these straight into the trash bags).

2) Remember to clean the back and bottom of the fridge regularly. Use a dry towel for the exterior, and a soft towel, neutral detergent, and clean water for the interior. Do not splash water directly on the refrigerator, or on any light and electrical panels.

3) Spilled oil or seasoning? Clean it immediately as set stains may crack the plastic shelves. Banana oil, alcohol and soap powder may also damage the plastic components.

4) Consider replacing your refrigerator if the cost of repair is half the price of a new model. It is also more economical to get rid of your 20-year-old fridge – even if it is running well! – for a newer, more energysaving machine.

Information provided by Electrolux South-east Asia, LG Electronics, and Whirlpool South-east Asia.