Photo: Ask a French flowers, Instagram: @askafrench

Colours add personality and character to a space, but they also play a large part in affecting your comfort level. So how can you use various shades of the spectrum to your advantage around the home? Here are four ways to inject a healthy dose of colour into the surroundings.

  1. Colour Therapy

Chromotherapy, or colour therapy, is an alternative practice that uses coloured light to balance energy lacking in a person’s body.

Mycoocoon chromotherapy pod

Individuals must first obtain their chromatic profile, in order to determine their “missing” colour. Founders of the Pantone Universe licensing brand Valerie Corcias and Dominique Kelly created Mycoocoon, a chromotherapy pod in which users can immerse themselves in a relaxing light bath, while also catching some shuteye.

Before crawling in, users do a quick colour test on Mycoocoon’s app to see which colour they should immerse themselves in.
The pods are designed by Lanzavecchia + Wai, and have been installed in airports, corporate offices and hotels.

  • Mycoocoon Color Institute App

Download the app to discover which is your “missing” colour, by taking the personal colour test. After determining your colour profile, the app allows you to transform your iOS device into a chromotherapy instrument by emitting the particular colour you need, along with soothing music, to provide you with a feeling of deep relaxation.

If there isn’t a Mycoocoon pod near you, we propose these cocoon-like chairs 
in bright hues, for a similar chromotherapeutic effect at home.

Egg chair, from $10,380, W.Atelier.

Grand Repos chair, from $7,000, Vitra by Grafunkt.

Arena Living White Cocoon Swing chair with blue cushion, Hipvan.

2. Crystal Healing

Unless you have been living under a rock (pun intended), you would have heard of the crystal-healing phenomenon. Crystals have long been used
in devices like watches because they conduct electrical energy, and this same property is said to bestow these pretty rocks with the ability to harness energies and influence emotions.

When choosing a crystal, most gemologists and crystal experts say to simply trust your gut and pick the stone you’re naturally drawn to.

If you want to know more about the energies that certain crystal colours promote, refer to our guide below.

Photo: Pixabay 

PINK: Pink crystals are said to activate the heart, and promote all types of love, including self-love, love for others and unconditional love. The most common pink crystal is the rose quartz.

ORANGE: Crystals in this energetic shade help lend courage and build confidence in individuals who are planning to take major action, such as buying or renovating a new home. Some orange crystals include citrine and carnelian.

BLUE: Prone to bouts of anxiety and stress? Try holding on to blue stones like lapis lazuli, which are said to be able to relieve nervous energy.

WHITE: White or clear crystals such as clear quartz promote clarity of mind and help one to overcome confusion.

BLACK: Black stones like black tourmaline are commonly used to neutralise harmful emissions from electrical appliances.

3. Flowers

Ah, flowers. Who doesn’t love a fresh bouquet to lift the spirit and brighten the home? Flowers are unique in that they provide a multi-sensorial experience: You can stroke the petals, sometimes even eat them, take in their scent, and, most of all, look at their beauty.

Photo: Ask a French Flowers

  • Tip:

Aude Girard, florist and founder of Ask A French Flowers (Instagram: @askafrench), shares some tips on picking the right blooms so that they fit your home’s interior design.

For a space with characterChoose an opposing colour
on the colour wheel, to create contrast. For instance, if a room is painted yellow or has hints of yellow, choose purple flowers like lavender.

For a soothing spaceChoose a colour that is adjacent on the colour wheel, and which blends with the other colour, such as red roses in a purple-hued room.

For white spacesIf you have a white room, create a colourful bouquet and let it be the focal point of the space.

4. Fengshui

When thinking about applying fengshui to the home, it’s spatial planning – promoting the flow of qi in interior spaces – that immediately comes to mind, but colour, too, plays a part. Striking a balance between yin and yang energy is essential to maintaining a prosperous home. Warm colours like oranges help enhance yang energy, while cool tones like blues enhance yin energy.

Boost yang energy with warm tones in lively spaces where residents and guests gather, like the living room. Cool yin energy colours make sense in the kitchen to counteract the heat from cooking.