This insider tip from Maureen Courcenet of Signé Design will help transform your home!

Q: I shipped all of my furniture here from my home country. But they look shabby and old-fashioned (not even in a stylish way!) in my new modern condo. Do I have to buy new furniture? I’m on a tight budget!

A: If you’ve trundled them up all the way over here, they must mean a little something to you. Here are a few of my favourite ways to make you fall in love all over again with your old furniture:

1. Add some local spice:

Design: The Scientist

Make little changes to your old furniture to refresh their look! Lacquer the top of an old chest in a crimson hue or add a streaked marble top to your console for an elegant smooth look.

Alternatively, embrace the old-time look! Artfully place old Peranakan tiles on top of an existing dresser for a vintage, yet edgy look. The contrast with your new modern condo will turn them into instant conversation starters.

2. Find them new friends:

Design: Design Intervention

Don’t hesitate to pair an old flame with your newest fling. Mixing things that you love — old and new, vintage and contemporary — is how you’ll create a layered signature look that’s “so very you” instead of feeling like coming straight out of a showroom.

Just make sure some details tie your new pieces together with your old ones — a motif, a texture, a color or a shape. Let your creative sparks fly!

3. Dress them up:

New cushions on your well-worn favourite sofa, a colourful table runner, a luxurious bed throw, new lampshades — all are easy, budget-friendly updates.

This also goes for art. Dramatise a classic painting with a modern, glossy white frame, or find creative ways to hang your photographs for a quirky, fresh look.

4. Embrace flower power:

 Design: Collective Designs

Get fresh flowers from your local wet market. Then, try matching the blooms to the main painting in your living or to the cushions on your bed.

Even a simple bowl of pomegranates or mangosteen will bring a spark of light to an old dining table.

5. But know when to let go:

If the love spell is definitely over with these old-weary companions, be strong enough to let them go.

There are plenty of ways to resale furniture in Singapore with people always on the move. Knowing they will go to a new home will make the parting sweeter.