Decor is a very visual experience, however, at the same time, it is so much more than that. Think about it – when you enter a space, you interact with the elements that you encounter. Your senses are engaged and you react to what you like and don't like. The combined use of your five senses tells you what is good design or not. So here's how to decorate using our five senses!

We share how touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste play a big part in making your home a beautiful and liveable place.

Want to stand out? Play around with patterns and prints. With a suzani carpet, printed cushion covers and a good play with colours, this living room (above) is unlike any other.

Texture gives your home character and improve the depth of a space. Don't forget to include texture when hunting for materials and furniture.

A sitting area at the balcony is a luxury. If you don't have one, have a breakfast nook by the window so that you can soak up the sight and sounds of your neighbourhood.

Relax to the smell of nature. Fresh-cut flowers in a vase, or a mini herb garden are easy options to bring in nature to your home.

Orange is known to be an appetite-inducing colour! This warm, rustic shade would be perfect for the dining room (above). If you aren't keen on an orange wall, try placemats in a critrus shade!