Consumption might be hard to avoid in this modern age, but you can make changes (and a difference) on your shopping trips. Here's how:

(image: Level Foods)


Most people travel in cars alone. Carpooling is a great solution to reduce congestion and save on petrol. If you can, share the car with several people instead of driving alone. Otherwise, hop ona bus or train. Also, get rid of the extra load in the boot as the extra weight will cause your car to guzzle more fuel. 


Use your own fabric shopping bag, instead of taking paper and plastic ones. Canvas bags are known for their durability, and can carry heavier loads without tearing. Leave some in the car to make a difference every time you go grocery shopping, by using little to no plastic bags, which often end up in landfills and oceans. 


Organic farming ensures the ecosystem is protected. It provides a healthier range of food to users as it does not use chemicals (pesticides) or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) during production and processing. The next time you buy vegetables and meat, be sure to pick those with labels signifying no GMOs were used. This helps to promote a healthier agricultural system and,in return, you get food with more nutrients and taste. 


Don’t discount lesser looking fruit. Overripe or bruised fruit are priced cheaper, and can be used to make jam, juices, and icicle pops; or chop them up for salads, or to use in cakes. Also, buy fruit only when you need them, as they are perishable items. 


Invest in tiffin carriers and good quality containers. Take away your food in these, instead of in disposable boxes. Use water tumblers instead of buying bottled water.