You’ve seen how some folks dress up their walls with a stylish array of photos. The arrangement of photos might appear to have been put together easily, but in actual fact, it took careful planning to get it to look as haphazard as it does!

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(Design: The Scientist)

Here’s some tips on how YOU can do it, and some easy examples to follow:

1) Masking tape is your best friend

(Image: Me On The Go)
Make use of masking tape to mark out the alignment of your images. Don’t keep it on for too long, or you might fine your walls marked with sticky tape.

2) Make use of rough paper

(image: My Little Happy Place)
Instead of using pencil to mark out where you’ll hang your images, cut out brown paper shapes and use that to create a mock-up of your photo gallery!

3) Use paper to determine the location of your nails

(Image: Young House Love)
After arranging your paper templates, add the nails, rip the paper off and hang up your pictures!

4) For a neater look, opt for similar frames

Similar frames help create a uniformed look and keeps your home from looking cluttered and untidy.

5) For an eclectic photo gallery, mix and match frames

(Image: Forever Cottage)
Mix and match frames for an eclectic photo gallery, but be sure to never stray too far from more than three types of frame designs.

If all else fails, look at pre-arranged templates

(image: Live Love DIY)
Of course the easiest way to take ideas from other ingenious homeowners! Pick one you like!