The Halo booth.

1) Mix glam, ornate pieces (such as the gold-tone chandeliers) and slouchy or rustic pieces (such as the reclaimed wood tables and leather couches) for a look that is effortless stylish.


The Resource Decor booth.

2) You can still have a fashionable looking space even if you keep your walls and floors white. Select contemporary furniture and decor with clean, structured forms that will stand out against the plain backdrop.


The Pure Home Collections booth.

3) Dark interiors are moody and stylish, but add an unexpected bright pop of colour for high contrast!


The D-Bodhi booth.

4) Who says large furniture always has to be placed against the wall? Try "floating" key pieces, such as your bed, off the wall for a more "lifestyle" look — great for open-concept homes!


The Woven+ booth.

5) Don't have a floral centerpiece for your dining table? Make a bold statement with an assortment of lush potted plants instead — definitely an interesting change.


The IFFS is a trade show currently running till 13 March.