Decluttering is healthy — mentally and physically! Having too many things can be overwhelming and cause you to be more frantic, so here's why and how you should declutter.


1. Decluttering Helps Us Feel Good

Clearing up our mess can produce feelings of relief and relaxation. Simply by organising your outer surroundings, you will find that it translates to calm on the inside.

Don’t know where or how to begin? Start slowly and make it into a good habit. A few minutes spent each day decluttering a certain area can help significantly in reducing the amount of clutter in your environment in the long run.

2. Clutter Can Be Bad For Your Health

Untidy piles of things are great places for dust to collect. Not only does this mean that cleaning becomes more difficult, it is also an aggravator for allergies.

Sorting through your items regularly and putting them away instead of letting them accumulate means that the air you breathe in – especially while cleaning – is cleaner.

Clutter also provides hiding places for bugs and pests. No one wants that, especially in your own home or workplace!

3. Clutter Is Distracting

Naturally, we work better in clean, organised environments. It’s harder to concentrate when you’re surrounded by piles of things and your desk is untidy.

Clutter distracts us from the task at hand. Decluttering your work area would thus lead to increased productivity levels and focus.

4. Clutter Is Time-Consuming

Many of us have too often lost our keys, cards, wallet and other necessities in the midst of all the clutter.

The time wasted on looking for our possessions has caused us to run late on numerous occasions. Regular decluttering and putting things you always need or use in a fixed location saves us valuable time.

For example, many of us are guilty of hoarding makeup, clothing that we don't need, useless papers, etc. 

It can save us money too – sometimes we buy things we already have because we can’t find them when we need them.

5. Declutter To Destress

Clutter in our physical world is one thing but we must not forget about our emotional world. Having too much to do puts a strain on us and has deleterious effects on our emotional well-being.

Decluttering our days by only committing to the important tasks and staying out of unnecessary commitments leaves us with more time for ourselves and loved ones.

It also gives us more space to breathe and clear our heads. Decluttering our schedule lightens the burden we have on our shoulders.

This story was originally written by Lynette Tan for, a personal finance website.