Your work desk is a hotspot for germs. Whether you are working from home or in an office, take time to clean these five items.

Computer Screen – Clean It Once Every Three Weeks

You’ll be surprised at how often people don’t clean their computer screens because they think it doesn’t really come into contact with that much germs. However, whenever you sneeze, cough or talk, your saliva and other germs can contaminate the screen.

Office Telephone – Clean It Once A Week

According to the infographics done by the Cleaning Services Group in the UK, there is approximately 25,127 microbes per square inch on your office telephone. That’s almost 500 times more than what’s on your average toilet bowl. So, how often should you be cleaning your office telephone? At least once a week experts suggest. Get yourself some cottonbuds and really deep clean your telephone once in a while. Otherwise use an antibacterial wet wipe and wipe the entire receiver.

Keyboard – Clean It Everytime You Eat At Your Desk

The office keyboard is another item you should be concerned about. Whenever you eat at your desk, sneeze or forget to wash your hands after coming back from the bathroom, your office keyboard usually gets contaminated first. The infographic also states that about 80% of infections usually spread from contact with contaminated services so if you’re falling sick regularly, now you know why. If you’re always eating at your desk, it’s best to line your desk with a piece of paper or table mat first so clean up is easier.

Office Mouse – Clean It Once Every Three Weeks

The office mouse contains about 1,676 microbes per square inch so a wipe down with antibacterial wipe is sufficient. However, do take the time thoroughly clean your mouse with a sanitizer or a cotton bud.

Your Desk – Clean It Twice A Week

Your desk is a hotspot for bacteria so it’s best to wipe it down at least twice a week.

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