We vacuum the floors and wipe down our furniture to keep our home clean, but is that enough to protect the family from dust and bacteria? We tackle the problem room by room.

(See products that will keep your living room and kitchen germ-free)

(design: Minimo & Minimology)

  • Getting into crevices with a toothbrush and all-purpose cleaner always works, but remember not to use the same toothbrush for the toilet bowl and the sink!
  • Without proper ventilation, steam and water droplets in the bathroom may cause mould, mildew, slime, and even moss. The rain-proof KDK 15WHPCT ventilation fan ($130.00 to $178.00) uses a high-pressure system to improve airflow and circulation, driving humidity out and drawing fresh air in.
  • Leaving damp towels on the towel bar for too long is an invitation to bacteria! Ideally, you should replace them with clean and dry towels every three or four days. This applies to shower curtains too. 
  • The high density foam of Magiclean’s Stain and Mould Remover ($4.45) gets rid of mould from the roots, so there’s no need to scrub hard. Its germ-killing bleach formula also dissolves dirt and bacteria, and is suitable for silicon strips on shower doors and tile gaps.
  • A cleaning tool also needs to be, well, clean. Wash your mop head in the washing machine but do not use fabric softener as it might decrease its absorbency. The water shouldn’t be too warm, and make sure it is truly dry before you store it in the cupboard.