image: Hintech Aircon

1) Lower the temperature of the room, so you do not need to use the aircon. One way is to reduce the glare and heat from direct sunlight, by applying window films or having thicker curtains.

2) Keep the aircon filter clean. This allows better air movement, and you don't need to lower the digits on the aircon!

3) Change the temperature. "When you come into a room after being outside on the street, or if you’ve been quite active, you will need the room temperature to be quite low to cool down. But, as your metabolism begins to slow down , you’ll find you can be comfortable at a slightly higher temperature," says Julian Lee of Ambi Climate. 

4) Use timers to turn up the temperature a few hours after you fall asleep. (Leaving it at the same temperature also means you are overcooling the room while racking up the electricity bill!)

5) Use the fan and aircon at the same time. A study in Japan concluded that running the fan with the aircon at a slightly higher temperature could save as much as 20%. The fan helps distribute the cool air.

Information from LG Singapore and Ambi Climate.