In Feng Shui, water is a significant element needed to generate Qi (energy). Feng Shui expert Dato' Joey Yap lets us in on six important facts about water features at home:

1) Water flowing or located on the left side of the property is considered a desirable formation, both for the wealth and prosperity of the house.

2) Ensure that water is clean, since that denotes vibrancy and vitality. Qi cannot be properly harnessed in dirty water, and these areas will invite vermin, bad health and insects. 

3) Yin and Yang should be at the back and front of the house, respectively; this is why water at the back of the house is considered bad Feng Shui. However, "if there is sufficient distance between the water formation and the house, or it is located in a suitable location based on the San Yuan Xuan Kong principle with a mountain nearby, you do not have to worry," says Joey.

4) Want to ensure prosperity and financial security? Keep a lookout for regions with Sentimental Water, which is water that embraces your property without crossing directly in front of it or through it. 

5) Another highly auspicious water formation is the Nine Curve Water (九曲水), which meanders into nine curves as it leads towards your home. It denotes wealth Qi that compounds and collects over the years.

6) Though natural water formations are the best form of Water Feng Shui, roads are a viable (though not as efficient) alternative in the urban landscape we live in today. A fast highway past your house is considered Merciless Water (無情水), and a T-junction pointing directly towards your Main Door generates Sha Qi (煞氣). 

Dato' Joey Yap, the founder of Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics and Chief Consultant of Joey Yap Consulting Group, which handles both Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology services.