Not everyone has large storerooms to store everything away. Stow your belongings with these 6 slim storage ideas!

1. Chef Cabinet

chef cabinet, stow away, storage space, hidden shelf
Design: Museum Homes

This chef homeowner created a concealed storage space for his many pots and pans, condiments and sauces. Even the door came in useful, with its rows of shallow shelving to keep bottles and jars neat. It’s an extremely effective way to keep clutter at bay.


2. Partition Shelves

partition shelves, shelf, useful shelves, efficient shelf, home design
Design: Proj. B Studio

Partitions can be made useful by turning them into shelves! In this flat, the designers created a mix of open shelving and closed cabinets within the frame of the slim divider between the dining room and the master bedroom.


3. A Display Beauty Counter

glass door shelf, glass shelve, partition shelf, nail polish shelf
Design: D5 Studio Image

This homeowner was inspired by beauty counters in professional nail salons when she thought of creating a display compartment behind her glass door. With this method, she can efficiently make use of space, while still being able to view her extensive nail polish collection!


4. Bed Drawers

bedside drawer, stow away drawer, bed drawer, hidden drawer
Design: Produce

Put the space under your bed to good use by using them for storage, with stowaway drawers.


5. Frame it Up

frame, accessories holder, slim storage, home decor, room decor
Design: DistinctIdentity

A stylish way to store your accessories would be to hang them up in a frame! Not only will you be saving space in your wardrobe, you’ll also be able to display your prized trinkets and create a point of interest in your room.


6. By the Window

home storage, seat storage, window sofa, home decor, home styling
Design: DistinctIdentity

These homeowners decided to make use of the space beside their windows by building a customised sofa with built-in storage.

With these slim storage ideas, you can say goodbye to clutter once and for all!