You can still live large in a small home. Here's what you shouldn't do, so your home won't be too bare, nor will you overwhelm the small space. 

1. Choose too many different types of laminate

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Image: Design Rebirth

For a more cohesive look throughout your home, don’t go crazy with laminate patterns and overwhelm the space with different designs.

2. Use heavy drapery

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Image: Three-D Conceptwerke

Heavy curtains could overwhelm the attention away from an outdoor view, if you have one. Make use of sheer curtain materials to let more light into your home, and fake taller and wider windows by extending your curtains or placing your blinds beyond the dimensions of your window. 

3. Clutter your floor space

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Image: Space Sense

Avoid crowding your floor space with thick and heavy furniture. Opt for pieces that have thinner legs and a higher base to give the illusion of a free-flowing, empty floor. This way, you still have the furniture you need, but with a wider-looking space.

4. Cut up your space

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Image: Joey Khu Interior Design

Keep the space-flowing and the layout simple with larger, basic living zones. Demarcating too many functional zones in one area could create a confusing, crowded atmosphere in your home. 

5. Buy too many small pieces of furniture

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Image: EHKA Studio

It might seem like a good idea to purchase a bevy of small pieces for your small space, but too many items could clutter it up instead. Purchasing a few high quality key pieces is better than buying smaller, cheaper alternatives. 

6. Turn your home completely white

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Image: 2Form Interior Design

Painting your home completely white could do more harm than good. Instead of making your home look larger, it could come off as one dimensional instead. Use some colour to help create a rich balance. Paint a single wall a rich, brighter shade to introduce some depth and dimension.